Cute Home Decoration, Pig head Sculpture in a Glass, Table or Room Display


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Looking for souvenirs, Gifts, Displays, Classic Items or just something to keep?


“Some things keep memories alive so have some souvenirs of all your adventures and you can prove that it wasn’t a dream at all!”

We have different pig symbolic representations across cultures. In some Country or Culture Pig brings Positivity yet in others it brings negativity. For example Pig symbolism is particularly important in the East. In China and Korea, the pig symbol is a symbol of fortune and Good Luck. In Hawaii, too, pig symbols and god of pigs are worshipped. On the other hand Pig stands for ignorance, greed, uncleanliness, and stubbornness for some. With all of this we respect all different beliefs.

  • We offer you the most elegant but not expensive Items that could capture the visual Interest of all your home guest.
  • Great Item comes from a high-grade material.
  • Exceptional Home Decoration that seize everyone.
  • A decent Gift to your Loved Ones.
  • Perfect decoration on your table, cabinet or in the area of your choice.
  • Material: Glass & Wood





Availability: In Stock