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Dubai Mixed Tea Collection

175.00 د.إ

Dubai Mixed Tea is a collection of hand picked teas, the finest in the UAE.
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Introducing the Dubai Mixed Tea Collection by Grand Bazaar – a tantalizing assortment of exquisite teas sourced from the finest ingredients around the world. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors and fragrant aromas of this carefully curated selection. Crafted with precision, each tea blend is designed to captivate your senses and offer a truly unique tea-drinking experience. Elevate your tea ritual with the Dubai Mixed Tea Collection. This collection includes;

1. Hibiscus Tea:
Indulge in the vibrant and refreshing flavors of our Hibiscus Tea. Packed with antioxidants, this floral infusion boasts a tangy-sweet taste that invigorates your palate with every sip. Experience the rejuvenating power of hibiscus petals, handpicked to create a delightful tea blend.

2. Oregano Tea:
Discover the delightful and herbaceous notes of our Oregano Tea. With its distinct flavor profile, this tea offers a soothing and aromatic experience. Sip on the goodness of oregano leaves, carefully infused to create a cup of tea that rejuvenates both body and mind.

3. Special Mix Tea:
Experience the perfect harmony of flavors in our Special Mix Tea. Crafted with a blend of select herbs and spices, this tea offers a tantalizing fusion of tastes that will leave you craving for more. Immerse yourself in the exquisite blend of unique ingredients, carefully balanced to create a truly special tea.

4. Rosemary Tea:
Unleash the refreshing essence of our Rosemary Tea. This invigorating blend captures the earthy and aromatic qualities of rosemary leaves, creating a tea that is both uplifting and soothing. Dive into the world of herbal goodness with every sip.

5. Diabetic Tea:
Care for your well-being with our Diabetic Tea, specially formulated to support a healthy lifestyle. This tea combines a thoughtful selection of ingredients known for their potential benefits for managing blood sugar levels. Savor the delicate flavors while nurturing your body.

6. Roseflower Tea:
Delight in the enchanting aroma and gentle flavors of our Roseflower Tea. Handpicked rose petals lend a touch of elegance to this floral infusion, creating a tea that soothes your senses and transports you to a blissful state of relaxation.

7. Lavender Tea:
Relax and unwind with the soothing properties of our Lavender Tea. This fragrant blend captures the essence of lavender blossoms, known for their calming effects. Indulge in a cup of this floral infusion and experience tranquility with every sip.

8. Mint Tea:
Awaken your senses with the refreshing burst of our Mint Tea. The invigorating flavors of handpicked mint leaves create a tea that revitalizes your body and uplifts your mood. Enjoy a cooling sensation that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

9. Olive Leaves Tea:
Savor the distinctive taste and potential health benefits of our Olive Leaves Tea. Made from the leaves of the olive tree, this tea offers a unique flavor profile with hints of earthiness. Embrace the Mediterranean charm with each sip.

10. Green Tea:
Embark on a journey of wellness with our Green Tea. Sourced from the finest tea leaves, this antioxidant-rich infusion offers a delicate flavor and a myriad of potential health benefits. Indulge in the simplicity and purity of this classic tea.

11. Lemon Verbena Tea:
Experience the zesty and citrusy notes of our Lemon Verbena Tea. This invigorating blend combines the vibrant flavors of lemon verbena leaves, creating a tea that refreshes your palate and invigorates your senses. Embrace the tangy goodness with every sip.

12. Sage Tea:
Discover the herbal wonders of our Sage Tea. Infused with the earthy and slightly minty flavors of sage leaves, this tea provides a calming and aromatic experience. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic properties of this ancient herb.

13. Seena Leaves Tea:
Harness the potential health benefits of Seena Leaves with our Seena Leaves Tea. Known for its traditional use in promoting digestion and cleansing the system, this tea offers a unique flavor profile with a hint of bitterness. Nourish your body and indulge in the natural goodness of this herbal infusion.

Explore the Dubai Mixed Tea Collection by Grand Bazaar and let each sip transport you to a world of indulgence. With a wide array of flavors to choose from, you can customize your tea experience and embark on a journey of taste and well-being. Order now and elevate your tea-drinking ritual with our exceptional tea collection.

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